Provide an at-large Lacrosse club to the West Tennessee, East Memphis, and Arlington TN area

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Welcome to US Lacrosse, home of the nation’s fastest-growing sport. We are 400,000 members strong — players, coaches, officials, administrators, parents, and fans — bound by a code of ethics and all in it together to develop America’s first sport. Become a new member or renew your membership today. 

What’s in It for You?
There are so many perks to being a member of US Lacrosse, they need their own pages on our website. Check out the membership benefits from US Lacrosse and benefits from our partners. 

Membership Levels and Prices
Think age.
Youth ($25): Under age 15 but not in high school.
High School ($35): Age 18 or under and in high school.
Adult ($50): Age 18 and over and out of high school.

Membership Categories
Think of your primary role on a lacrosse field. Either a player, coach, official or fan.

You’ll select both a level and a category when you join online or download a PDF of a membership application.

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Have Questions?
No problem. Check out our FAQ page or reach out to the membership department at 410-235-6882 #102 (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET) or at  .  

Like we mentioned above, all members, staff, and volunteers of US Lacrosse are bound by a code of ethics. Most of our work involves young people. Our standards for conduct are high — as they should be. Accordingly, please note: 

"US Lacrosse has the right to deny, suspend or revoke membership based on conduct inconsistent with US Lacrosse policy or standards. US Lacrosse reserves the right to publish a list of individuals whose membership has been suspended or revoked for these reasons."